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Welcome to Goodyear Connects! Your ideas and comments will drive the future of Goodyear and three different planning efforts: the Goodyear 2025 General Plan, the Transportation Master Plan, and the Parks Master Plan. The City is listening so sign up and share your vision for Goodyear today!

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  Draft Goodyear 2025 Genearl Plan  
Draft Goodyear 2025 Genearl Plan
Provide comments or attend one of the scheduled public hearings:
46 Days Remaining
  What method to get involved do you like best?  
What types of formats worked best? What could be improved? Goodyear wants to make sure all of its residents have the opportunity for meaningful participation...
46 Days Remaining
  Your Big Idea  
Your Big Idea
The General Plan update offers us an opportunity to envision the future for Goodyear. Submit your “Big Ideas” for our future, support the ideas of others...
127 Days Remaining

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